Holy Crap, I still have a blog to write on…

Needless to say I’ve been away from the site for a while. Since the Christmas season it’s been yet again chaotic with nothing less than a crapload of stuff happening personally and professionally. Yes I’m still doing Semi-Pro (in fact here’s the latest on that right here ). Yes it’s been busy at work and I’ve been putting in a shit-ton more hours than what I normally do (and it ain’t stopping any time soon). But most of all, after the , I was burnt from writing each day (or every other day) so I had to take a break. I should have told you guys, but that’s my bad.

The thing is, I’m a one-man show and sometimes I need a break. I needed to so that I could spend some time with the family and that was compromised with work at my 9-5 and my start-up. I might not be updating a while, most likely not until the end of the month but I do have lots to put in to the blog so stay on the alert.  Additionally, I’ve been working on projects for others, particularly the wifie’s review blog in that it actually has purpose and such in it’s reviews versus rants about retro games and music. You can visit her musings right here .

Finally, I would like to know about some of what you would like to see on the blog. After all, I do have comments open and other shit like that for said reason. So please comment and tell me what you like to have showing on here and I’ll do my best. If it’s about music, games, and other nerdy things of the like, I’m game to write the hell out of it.  Keep in mind I’m going to write up stuff for next month for a new theme month (not going to say what, but it’ll be interesting). Here’s to what’s in the future of the site and your amusement about it as well.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out…