Thoughts about E3 2013 (a little late)

Among all the various major and minor video game community outlets that are out there that had already reported on all the major, points of this past’s E3, I decided for this year not to do such. It’s already been a week since all of the big announcements were made about next gen this, new game that, and Microsoft practically taking it up the ass from Sony; what’s left for me to add.

And in all honesty, I just didn’t see much of what I wanted to exclaim about for the blog. I’m still trying to fit time in to write and well, E3 would’ve taken up all the rest of my time. So, nothing to report for this year, but at least I acknowledge that most of my gamer friends are excited as all hell about what happened. As for me, I’ll keep to my current gen stuff and look forward to new projects ahead which I’m still trying to get off the ground.  A little spoiler, it will involve gaming of some sort. So stay tuned hopefully within the next few months on further developments.

But if you want a quick synopsis of such, here it is…

  • Really don’t think that we need next gen consoles, but if I had to choose, PS4 all the way.
  • Batman Origins seems pretty legit (only because I’m a big fan of the franchise.)
  • A new Smash Bros. *swee*.

And that’s just about it. Until next time, keep doing what you guys do.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out…