The Difference Between Being 30 and Being in your 30’s

Now this post is mainly for all those that are my peers; those that have crossed that threshold and those coming up to that plateau. As most of you know . That’s pretty much a milestone and I won’t hit another milestone in age for another 10 years from that time. I thought at first that “eh, I’m thirty, and I don’t feel any different now from a year ago.” Fast forward one year later and now I see the metamorphosis that has changed from 20-something to 30-something; and I’m scared shitless.

Quite honestly when it hit me when I turned 31 last month, all the years of me saying that it’s just a day in July and nothing more when I was fooling myself in my 20’s were a crock of bullshit. Not signifying the impact of being old was a far too distant thought. When I turned 30 I thought, “ok, I’m officially over the hill now, just give me a walker and sit me on the patio to let me watch the sunset every night until I croaked.” But I had that 29 year old mentality that wanted to keep me from growing up and staying youthful. Then grey hairs (more so than the miniscule number that I had and brushed over/plucked in my late 20’s) started to sprout. I got slower in my gape in my walks. I had to actually think out some questions to the answers on Jeopardy instead of instantly recalling the answer. I’m seeing crap from my youth getting rebooted and reconstructed and I was thinking to myself, “OH MY GAWD, all of my favorite stuff is retro now!!!”

Seriously, I remember Super Mario World back in the day and now if that grey cartridge (OMG, cartridge, not disc or DLC) was a person, they could get served liquor at the bar. Power Rangers, MIGHTY MORPHIN’ MOTHERFUCKIN’ POWER RANGERS!!! They’re celebrating their 20 th anniversary this year. Some of the past Rangers flew to New Zealand for shooting for a Power Rangers epic battle for next year’s Power Rangers Super Megaforce finale while others are busy doing cons from Wizard World to the San Diego Comic Con. Pearl Jam’s “Ten” album has been around for 20 plus years and they’re still kicking ass with their new “Lighting Bolt” album while Metallica has an IMAX 3D movie of their ‘exploits’ in like an homage to “This is Spinal Tap” meats “Live Shit, Binge, and Purge” fashion. When did old shit become good and how come it’s now old shit. Does that make me old?!?

On a more personal level, I have friends that are in their twenty’s and they’re nothing but a ball of energy. I can only bask at the aura of what they have as far as “I’m in my 20’s and I don’t give a damn” energy. Meanwhile I have to slow down because I’ve taken those wrong turns and learned from my mistakes. I know my limit when I drink. I don’t try to stay up all night when I don’t have to (I say that because I work the graveyard shift.) I try to slow things down and enjoy the simple things. From what I can gather, it seems to keep things at a leisurely pace. And is that what being in my 30’s is all about, leisure?

I mean I go and just sit down, have a beer and shoot the shit. I don’t want to go out and explore every nook and cranny of excitement that is there for 20-somethings to follow. But then again, I don’t want to fall into mundane like an episode of Friends (if they had a black person on the show that is) and just sit down and sip coffee and scones. I suppose my thirties are supposed to be my crossroads as to what type of path I should take prior to my mid-life crisis moment when I get closer to 40. But as far as being in my thirties versus being thirty, it’s just another notch on maturity for what I see from most people. And if anybody knows me, I can always add a couple of notches on my maturity list. So I’m putting down the PS3 controller and going to sit down with the wifie, build a puzzle in a quiet home after we have sent the kids to bed, and possibly have a cup of bourbon with the build. I think I’ll be fine for the remainder of the next decade, how about you?

BootLeG sampler.. signing out…