My Mission Statement

I hear by try my damnedest to present to the general public my own brand of observation in whatever current state of affairs that I am noticing in my personal life or in the realm of music, gaming, and popular culture.  I promise to satisfy at least myself in giving the best work possible that I can perform on the internet in the form of my blog to emphasize how I feel about said topic and to hope that you feel the same damn way too.

I will try to be funny when I need to, serious when I have to, sincere when it is necessary, and blunt and to the point when directed.  I will promise to always improve on the end product and that means that there will be no stagnation of fresh content nor the look of the layout will be bland for a prolong period of time.

I will keep the integrity of my postings to my own opinion as speaking though the BootLeG sampler.. persona that I have laid out.  I will continue to keep everything raw, pure, and solid in the opinions that I present and will address any concerns directly to anyone whom might have something to address.  I will take into consideration of others and delegate what I feel is a just sound of nutrality between two or more opposing parties if a debate is enticed.

I will keep to content that is relevant to my liking and to my life.  I will present to the public information and opinions that I enjoy and try to present to everyone in an open forum for anyone to embrace or ignore.  I will continue with the enlightenment of the under-minded and the unsung while giving credit to those whom earned such.  I will present original flair to this blog and contribute to its success or failure unto the very end.

I believe in the power of opinions and this blog is my tool to present this to the world.

I am the BootLeG sampler.. , and I approve this message…