The About Page

This is just a general FYI page about the BootLeG sampler.. Now I supposed that  for starters most people want to know what the BootLeG sampler.. is all about as well as the meaning of the pseudonym and yada yada yada.  Well, don’t you worry, that’s gonna get answered very shortly.

I should probably start off with how I came up with the name.  Well, that’s a three fold response.  First of all, it’s not all mine to take credit for.  It’s actually a demo disc for the Sega Saturn game console when it debuted way back in the early 90’s when games on CD’s were pixelated pieces of crap.  That’s the first time I’ve seen it and I remember playing that demo to death because it was really good and the only other games I had for it was Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers (both of which were awesome) and Space Jam (which was not awesome.)  A few years and some new consoles later that was a void in my memory.  Flash forward to junior year in high school, I started playing bass guitar for quite some time and writing lyrics.  My fourteenth song that I’ve written was titled BootLeG sampler and it had no reference to the video game.  In fact, at the time I just thought that I made that title up out of the blue.  I was so impressed with the lyrics for that song that I used it for an oral presentation in my English class with rave reviews.  A few weeks later me and a couple of my friends were jamming in their basement and after that session we walked upstairs and I happened to bring my Saturn with me at the time to hook up and play some old school games.  And then I saw my copy of Bootleg Sampler still in the Saturn that I haven’t touched in like 3 years and my friends and I made the connection to my lyrics from my English presentation to the game.  Thus I was born with the nickname BootLeG sampler.. , and I still proudly promote that name to this day.

Now, what is the BootLeG sampler.. is all about you might ask.  Quite simply it’s much like the music I make.  I shoot from the hip, pull no punches, and tell it like it is at that time.  It’s my timestamp on what I am observing and what I feel at that moment for people to take it or leave it.  I use the BootLeG sampler.. as a carbon date process of what’s around me.  I feel that if this isn’t up and running, than I’m not doing my job.  I take on everything and create that snapshot of whatsoever and make since of it all in my own manner.

The reason I’ve started this blog was to bring out whatever idea
I might have at the time and sparse it out in a coherent manner for everyone to take what they want to take from it.  It might be of what I’m viewing or what’s going on in the world; I take my own point to it (that’s the BootLeG part) and distribute it around for others to take what they want from my own view (that’s the sampler.. part.)

Of course I’m nothing without what drives me on a daily basis.  That would be my daily life with my family of course; my music and my taste in music; any kind of entertainment; and my own beliefs and convictions.  That is what drives me to do what I do.  And for all of that I hope that you keep on making this blog something that might drive you into whatever.  At least I would know that I did my part in such.
And that’s just about wraps things up to know what’s the BootLeG sampler.. is all about.  If you have any additional questions or whatever you want to address, please comment on the post themselves or email me to address whatever else you want to know about…  All in all, have fun, enjoy, make the best out of this experience.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out…