The Contact Page

If you really wanna, if you want to contact me you can do that in the following ways:

Probably the most direct way is by email; [email protected] .  Any questions, comments, concerns, come directly to me and I’ll address it (or ignore it if it’s spam.)  Seriously, it’s just about as close as a face to face you’re gonna get without being some sort of media outlet asking for an interview.  Try it, what’s the worse that could happen, tell you you’re spam and screw off?!?

Another way to reach me would be my Twitter.  As if you couldn’t find the Twitter thingy off to the side already,  but if you’re really in desperate need it’s @BootLeGsampler .  As if it couldn’t possibly any more simpler than that, right?!?

Well, there is another way.  Here’s a contact form, since you’re already reading this, might as well fill the damn thing, right?!?

Comments or questions are welcome.

I’m certain that should be reasonable enough for ya’ll to find me if you don’t already know me personally.  And as always, you could subscribe to the feed at the top of the page.  For real…  Do it…  Do it NOW!!!

BootLeG sampler.. signing out…