The Driving Force

This is the declaration of what I try to produce with my blog.  The force that drives me to produce the stuff that I want to put up to share.  Sure you probably know what makes me tick from The About Page, but that was just the tip of the iceberg on to what comes from the blog posts.  Why do I act in the fashion I act and speak on the actions of what I produce, you may ask?!?  Well, here’s the breakdown on all that is.

My blog is composed of four main things that keeps me going day in and day out; family, music, gaming, and any and all kinds of escapes from reality.  I like to point out what in those categories keeps me entertained and engaged to promote.  First of what is my family.  I feel that that’s the most important dynamic of any structured man’s life.  It’s also one that draws humor from it pretty damn easily.  Just the silliest things from what my kids say and do to the stuff that binds us together as a family.  It’s the main source of my insanity, so sure I tend to mention them a lot.  They’re a big part of my life, so why not.

Another vice that drives me to rant and foam in the mouth is music.  I grew up with oldies and old-school rap, played bass guitar, influenced by 90’s grunge, punk, and metal, and now more of a eclectic person since marrying the wifie, I can add country into my liking.  I started writing my own lyrics and putting tempo and rhythm to them as well.  I do try to implement them to the blog, but for now, it’s just as it is now.

The other main thing is games.  I love videogames old school and new.  I try to incorporate some nerd aspect to it in all of my gaming posts.  I grew up Atari 2600 and played every system that came out since, and I am damn certain that the best console ever to hit the public was the Sega Dreamcast.  I try to keep a level head on all good things with games, even those that are total crap, and I write about just about anything that has to do with them.

Last but not least, there’s my WTF PEOPLE!?!’s.  It’s a staple here at BootLeG sampler.. and it’s pretty much the miscellaneous stuff that just gets to people and don’t know how to present it.  Anything from football to beer to diapers to public transportation to, well, just look at the tags and find out for yourself…

And that’s just about does it for what drives me to put up the crap that I do put up.  Hope you all continue to enjoy all of this as I love to put it out for all of you.  Keep coming and I’ll keep pushing new content.  Thanks for coming, and you can continue with your regular ranting and other crap already in progress.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out…